For a beach wedding, casual is the key. What is needed to suite the atmosphere and have a memorable and ideal, perfect beach wedding?

On usually windy and sandy beaches, little less formal wedding dresses go along with the beach-inspired theme well and become a trendy choice now. Instead of a traditional wedding dress, a lightweight and simple dress for a beach wedding completes the beach-inspired theme well.

A little less formal dress will make for a more relaxed day. To keep a beach wedding attire comfortable, try to stay away from heavy beading which weighs a dress down.

Simple Beach Wedding Dresses

Simple style is a good choice, adding a natural touch for the theme.

Simple Beach Wedding Dresses

Light and Airy Beach Wedding Dresses

Light and airy fabrics as silk chiffon or organza will make you comfortable on the beach.

Light and Airy Beach Wedding Dresses

The beach wedding does not usually side well with a very long gown with trailing trains if the bride don't mind every step carefully.

Wet or Sandy Beach Dresses

To keep a wedding dress from becoming dirty, wet or sandy on a beach, the ankle length or even higher length dress is a good choice.

Halter Beach Wedding Dresses

Halter necklines also lend a more casual look for a beach wedding.

Halter Beach Wedding Dress